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Sample CCM Demos

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Sample Gospel Demos

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American Choral Music


An exciting new piece using 21st century harmonies in a very approachable manner, both to the performer and listener.
Written in 9/8 (2-2-2-3) with lots of rhythmic diversity.


Get On The Train

SSATB with tenor or soprano solo.
A tribute to the life of Harriet Tubman, the most famous "conductor" on the Underground Railroad. The piece is written in the tradition of the Negro Spiritual. It also employs Clave rhythms to emphasize the African cultural influence on not only the United States, but Latin regions as well.
Teachers, coordinate with your History colleagues when they are teaching units of the abolitionist movement and the Civil War.

American Traditional Music Series

(We’ll Understand It Better) By and By

SATB — soprano range to A, bass down to G (first line).
Rousing a cappella arrangement with an interesting "funky" twist in the last section. Lot's of fun!


Go Down Moses

SSATB — soprano range to F.
Very accessible a cappella arrangement of this traditional classic.


Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen

SATB with tenor or soprano solo — soprano range to Eb, bass down to F
Utilization of block chords punctuated with a 5/4 motif throughout. A capella with an interesting modulation triggered by the basses.


Steal Away

SSATTB — soprano range to D, bass down to A
Straight forward treatment of this a capella standard with some harmonic surprises. Listen closely and you’ll even hear the trumpets "sounding".


Swing Low Sweet Chariot

SSATB with tenor solo — soprano range to G, bass down to A
Haunting 21st century arrangement accentuated by a piano accompaniment that weaves in and out.

Instrumental Music


A classical piece for piano and string quartet. 
Recording sample features the CSCLF quintet.


Sir Duke

By Stevie Wonder, Arranged by David R Sears
A new twist is added to this R&B classic as well as a funky section for solos. Recording sample here and available at online retailers performed by the GRAMMY Jazz Band.