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Media Solutions by TSC provides the best in audio-visual services throughout Southern California at competitive rates. They use top quality equipment but their greatest asset is the group of individuals who make up the crews that prepare for and work the events.

Collectively, they have provided stellar services for musical artists from local musicians to emerging artists... to some of the highest profile acts performing today. Additionally they have worked non-music related events spanning the entire event spectrum some of which include clinicians, motivational speakers and, a former president of the United States.

Many members of the TSC team work with top productions such as American Idol, The Voice, USC Football, The Emmy Awards and, the GRAMMY Awards. Events such as these require the highest level of technical and artistic expertise. Additionally the client customer service required for these and other such events are among the best in the industry. That same expertise and client service is provided to all events that TSC works no matter how large or small.

Sound... lighting... video... remote recording... TSC provides outstanding service for events with audiences of dozens, hundreds or thousands at rates competitive with others in their class.

Let Media Solutions by TSC be YOUR event presentation partner.

They will help you find all the solutions needed to make your events nothing short of spectacular.

Call or email David directly for personal service.
Media Solutions by TSC is the resolution to your event’s media needs.